Net Neutrality: an Emergency Manager’s Perspective

Today, I watched John Oliver’s net neutrality video.

I get so frustrated with the cable company’s assurances that consumers won’t notice any change with a two-tiered system. How stupid do they think we are? They have no motivation to treat us “right” when they have a monopoly. Furthermore, why would I give up a freedom I enjoy to pay for it? I went ahead to the FCC’s comment section and wrote my own letter to the FCC in the comment section.

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

It is my job as an American citizen and as an Emergency Manager to prepare our country for disasters. If you allow corporations to tamper with the internet, you will be the architect of the most insidious disaster our country is likely to see. In short: 1. the internet is the first truly democratized process in this country. It is a tool for change and affects not only the future direction but day-to-day lives of the American people–ALL people, Mr. Wheeler, including you, your cronies, the cable companies, and the poorest of the poor. Do you want to be the man who silenced a nation?

2. The internet is the fastest information disseminating tool we have. Highly useful in times of emergency. Don’t tie up our ability to save people’s lives and property with a private company’s red tape.

3. The internet is our last great potential. It is humanity’s very breath containing crowd-sourced science, art, discussion, and dreams-turning-reality. I leave you with this example: During Fuukishima’s meltdown, the Japanese government was reticent about releasing contamination information. When they did release numbers, they were inconsistent and untrustworthy. A common Japanese citizen used the internet to educate the public about radiation and how to detect it. He crowd-sourced radiation detection and collected a database disseminating up-to-date health and safety information for the Japanese public who could access the data freely and easily. You will not convince me that net neutrality is not a moral imperative, Mr. Wheeler.

Do not let this proposal pass. The result could never be worth the money.

That’s what I wrote. What did you write?


2 thoughts on “Net Neutrality: an Emergency Manager’s Perspective

  1. Anonymous November 17, 2014 / 2:27 am

    1. Allowing large internet users to buy internet band width at discount prices is just another way to shift the cost of infrastructure to the public. It is time that the 1% pay their fair share. Please keep the internet neutral.

    2. The internet is the primary conduit for exercising 1st amendment rights in today’s society. Allowing corporations to have enhanced access to the conduit for free speech is (or should be) unconstitutional.


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